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Page by
Nicholas Haley

Hard Disk History

  • Original IBM PC did not have or support a hard drive. (1981)
  • DOS 2 was introduced, with support for storage devices.
  • First hard drives appear as external devices with own power supply.
  • The IBM XT comes out with a 10MB hard disk built in. (1983)
  • The IBM AT introduces an entirely different approach to hard disk systems. (1984)
  • DOS 4.0 is released, allowing for larger partitions on the harddrive, thereby allowing
    larger harddrives.
  • The IDE standard was proposed by Western Digital and Compaq (1986) in order to
    deal with performance limitations.
  • EIDE (Enhanced IDE) was introduced by Western Digital (1993) to overcome
    limitations in ATA, which IDE was a part of.