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"What is Dagorhir?"

"The freestyle simulation of Dark Age battles, featuring period weaponry constructed of foam,
period costuming, and historical as well as fictional characterization in various scenarios constructed
to challenge the participants, including team and unit battles, as well as individual combat."
- Raven Rose

I belong to the Illinois State University Dagorhir chapter.
We are named the Wolfpack Of The High Plains, and are also known as the ISU Combat Club.
Below are several important links to more information about Dagorhir and the Wolfpack.
Specifically, the top link is a link to my personal character's webpage. I roleplay the character of Canis Nocturnis.
In order to learn more about my character, you can either go through the mini-adventure storyline
or go directly to my character history page. I would recommend the storyline because
it also allows access to a variety of other pages at this site.

Start The Adventure My Crest

Wolfpack Of The High Plains Homepage Wolfpack Of The High Plains

Wolfguard Homepage Wolfguard

National Dagorhir Page National Dagorhir Page