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Written inside this book was a third-person account of the past.
Finally, your questions will be answered. You read,...

"He came to the High Plains with one thing on his mind, finding himself.
His quest had begun months before, in a small village where he awoke with a broken body and fractured memory.
He knew nothing of his past or his own name. The one thing he did know was that he was a warrior.
The village took an instant liking to him, although they never fully trusted him. They still called him "Stranger".
Though his body healed, his mind and spirit did not. He often took to wandering in the forest at night.
This was considered odd and dangerous behavior by the locals. The forest was known for people not walking back out.
The strange, blood-curdling howls heard at night kept the locals from following him, and in time, from trusting him.
The rumors began, and so did the name calling whispered behind his back.
He was thought of as a werebeast. A creature of evil and death.
He was called "Night Wolf", or in their language, Canis Nocturnis.
The villagers became very nervous and it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.
He was just leaving his hovel that the villagers had freely given him only weeks before,
when he was beset on all sides by men and women, children and dogs.
They dragged him through the village, beating him with sticks and rocks.
They took him to the river that flowed South of the village. Then they tied up his beaten body and put him in a boat.
They cast the boat into the current and cheered as it flowed from sight.

Thus his wanderings began.
He traveled many lands, always seeking his true identity.
He fought in many battles, finished many fights. (But those are stories to be told in the daylight.)
He took the only name he knew, that which the first people of his new life had given him.
In time he made his way to a region called the High Plains, and the people who live there, the Wolfpack.
He had finally found a place he seemed to fit in.
In time he abandoned his quest for his past and focused on his new life.
Also in time, he became one of the Wolfpack and fought for their survival.
In order to protect this personal Shangri-La, he joined an elite unit called Wolfguard.
For he would rather die, than see this place destroyed."

"Or so the story goes..."

You wonder what the last sentence means, as you close the book.